Writing Lisp Code is Easy

  • However good Lisp programming is hard according to Richard P. Gabriel.

Lisp is extremely hackable

  • It’s easy to create a Lisp Language
  • It’s Easy to Make a Lisp Language Domain Specific
  • Writing a parser and compiler for Lisp is way claner than other languages

Emacs is configured with Lisp

Lisp Helps Me with My Programmatic Thinking

  • Once you know Lisp you think of programming in a very different way.

Lisp has heavy ties to Functional Programming

  • My interested in mathematics has motivated my interest in functional programming.
  • A lot of functional programming ideas implemented in other programming languages started in Lisp.
  • A lot of academic computer science work uses Lisp.

Common Lisp’s Object-Oriented System is Great

Development of programs in Lisp advance faster then in other languages

  • Its easy to build a prototype of an idea in Lisp.

  • Many programms have started as Emacs packages.

  • The discretionary exportable functionality entrusted to the individual Lisp programmer is more than an order of magnitude greater than that to be found within Pascal enterprises. - Alan J. Perlis

  • Development of programs in Lisp proceeds somewhere between 1000 and 5000 times faster then development in “modern” or “improved” computer languages. - Douglas Lenat Lex Fridman Podcast

  • You can hire fewer people, by 80%, by developing in Lisp. - Eric Normand

  • You don’t need a lot of dependencies to get your project off in Lisp